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SERIES: Hustle

Watch: Hustle (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Con Is On)

The Plot: A motley group of London con artists pulls off a series of daring and intricate stings.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Stars: Robert Glenister, Robert Vaughn, Rob Jarvis

Director: Tony Jordan


1.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Con Is On)

In London, two teams are formed and prepare their operations, destined as adversaries. Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone is out of jail after two years for an unrelated offense; everybody knows he will do at least once more what he's good in, in fact the best in Britain: the intricate 'long con', always prepared by his American associate Albert Stroller, who finds and gains the confidence of a wealthy mark; their other known cahoots are Ash Morgan and Stacie Monroe. Meanwhile in the police force, a new man is stepping in as new head of the task force to catch them; his ...

2.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 2 - Faking It)

Albert Stroller is severely beaten by a vicious casino owner, Frank Gorley, after being caught cheating at cards. The team decide to get their revenge by scamming Gorely for a load of money. Finding Gorley's weakness - he's a film buff who particularly likes old black and white movies from the '40s and '50s -the team sets up an elaborate quick-money scheme for him to invest in a film. They also let Danny play the lead in their elaborate charade, a first for him in a long con.

3.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 3 - Picture Perfect)

The team focus on the art world and specifically Meredith Gates, an art collector and dealer who is an expert on the works of Mondrian. The plan is to produce a forged Mondrian that would show he experimented with cubism long before Picasso. Having found their forger, they must now provide him with period-specific materials while at the same time setting the trap for Gates. What they do not realize is that they too are being set up and may end up with nothing.

4.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 4 - Cops and Robbers)

Mickey Stone find himself being blackmailed by Victor Maher into helping him catch a bank robber. Maher has an old videotape of Danny Blue involved in a robbery and unless Mickey agrees to help, he will turn it over to the police. Maher spent his career in the fraud squad and is now head of security for Moores Bank. He knows that Sam Richards will soon try to rob the their main London Branch and want Mickey to get a member of his team in on the robbery. Albert Stroller, who has had dealings with Maher in the past, warns Mickey that the ex-cop is very good at what he ...

5.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 5 - A Touch of Class)

The con artists set their sights on Katherine Winterbourne a very rich woman, now divorced, whose nasty reputation is well deserved. In her ongoing battle with her now ex-husband, she even killed his dogs. The team's plan is to use her hatred of her ex against her. They set themselves up as investors planning to build a luxury hotel that would compete directly with that of her ex-husband's. Her desire for further revenge is such that she insists on investing in the scheme. As Mickey gets to know her however, he comes to believe that they are scamming an honest person ...

6.  Hustle (Season 1, Episode 6 - The Last Gamble)

The mark is Anthony Reeves who has just received a controversial half-million pound payout on being fired from his most recent job. Reeves loves the horses so the team set him up for The Wire - convince him that they are getting race information before it's being made available publicly thereby ensuring a win. The scam works well until one of their previous victims decides he wants his money back. Meanwhile, Danny has an amusing crisis of confidence when a new receptionist refuses to go out with him.

7.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 1 - Gold Mine)

Back from their holiday, the team learns that an old friend and con artist, has been sent to prison. He tried to con businessman Howard Jennings in a stock deal but unfortunately for him, Jennings knew the game too well. Danny is very keen to take this fellow on and now has to devise a plan for the most difficult of marks: conning someone without them ever knowing they have ever been conned. So, they try to convince Jennings that there is possibly a gold mine in the heart of London.

8.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 2 - Confessions)

When Albert doesn't show up for a planned scam the scheme falls through but he has already staked out another target. Johnny Keyes is now a successful London restaurant owner with a violent and nasty past. Keyes' son disappeared long ago and would give anything to find him and help him out in life. The plan is simple: have Danny impersonate the boy and tug on Keyes heart strings to the point where he will be just begging to give him money. When the plan falters, they go to their backup plan which proves to be a bit more successful.

9.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 3 - The Lesson)

The team set their sights on a former African despot, Anthony Mgube, who now lives in Switzerland. Mgube collects old banknotes and very much wants to get his hands on a 19th century US $1000 note. All is going well until Danny shows up with a new friend, Trevor Speed, who wants in on the long con. The team is reluctant to take him on, but eventually give in to Danny's ultimatum to trust him or he'll quit. Meanwhile, Stacie is upset that her bank has charged her £85 for a very minor overage on her account and she enlists Albie to help her get even. In the end, nothing...

10.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 4 - Missions)

The con artists have to deal with a bent copper when she arrests Mickey and Danny in Eddie's bar in the middle of scamming someone. The police Officer, DI Sam Phillips, makes it quite clear that she expects 50% of the proceeds but also half of their next scam, involving original artwork for a 1930's comic book. The idea is to put the original up for auction and then swap it for a forgery once the sale is complete. The real question however is how will the con artists get away with their scheme and get rid of the pesky police officer at the same time?

11.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 5 - Old Acquaintance)

The team's next victim is Jake Henry, Stacie Monroe's husband. He walked out on her five years previously and cleaned out her bank account leaving her, as she says, a cactus, a Phil Collins CD and a stale piece of cheese. Henry fancies himself a top poker player so the plan is to scam him in a game of Texas Holdem. There may be cause for concern however when Stacie apparently starts to re-connect with Henry and he in turn wants them to renew their relationship.

12.  Hustle (Season 2, Episode 6 - Eye of the Beholder)

The team plan to commit the crime of the century - the theft of the Star of Africa, largest diamond in the world and centrepiece of the Crown Jewels.

13.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 1 - Price for Fame)

The team plan to con a violent businessman out of a hundred grand by pretending to be music promoters interested in representing his young son.

14.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 2 - The Henderson Challenge)

Danny and Mickey have been bickering of late so Albert suggests they undertake the Henderson challenge, named after a New York con man who wanted to prove he was the best con man anywhere. The challenge is relatively simple: Mickey and Danny will be dropped off at noon in a very public location stark naked and have until 6 pm to make as much money as possible. The one with the most money wins. The two of them are soon running through Trafalgar Square in their birthday suits and the contest has begun. Danny focuses on what he does best - the short con, making a few ...

15.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 3 - Whittaker Our Way Out)

Con artist JW3 (James Whittaker Wright III) arrives on the scene hoping for revenge on the bank responsible for ruining his grandfather - who sold fake gold mines on the stock market. The team step into action, with Danny posing as a City businessman, but it's not long before they come unstuck and realize their ally could be just as deceitful as they are.

16.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 4 - A Bollywood Dream)

Albert identifies their next mark, Kulvinder Samar, a businessman with a love of Bollywood movies. Their play is quite simple: convince him to invest in their Bollywood movie and even offer him a part in the film. Samar is arrogant and runs a sweatshop so as far as they are concerned, he's an ideal target. The con is just a little too perfect however and he's soon on to them. Fate intervenes in the form of a car accident resulting in Samar losing his short-term memory. The con artists decide to just run the con over again - a little less perfect this time - but Samar ...

17.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 5 - The Hustlers News of the Day)

When Stacie's friend attempts suicide because of a slanderous story about her by a newspaper. The team, expectedly, decide to make a mark out of the newspaper. A false headline about the identity of the queen mother quickly intrigues the chief editor and his top reporter. However, the editor isn't the only one worrying about the truth of the story.

18.  Hustle (Season 3, Episode 6 - Law and Corruption)

The crew are blackmailed by a policeman to catch Adam "The Ghost" Rice, a famous thief.

19.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 1 - As One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, One Flew In)

As Mickey leaves for a big score in Australia, Danny steps up to the mark as the gangs new leader, but can he convince a greedy American businessman to buy the Hollywood Hills sign?

20.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 2 - Signing Up to Wealth)

Albert has found the team a new mark: Richard Brennan, who runs an adult video production company and has a passion for race horses. He has three horses in training, but not a single won race so far. Danny's idea: to "sell" Brennan a horse that would win. Danny also thinks they need a new permanent fifth member an is interviewing applicants - who "by chance" happen to all be women, all 21 of them!

21.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 3 - Getting Even)

The grifter's barman Eddie approaches them as his father is in a nursing home that is trying to take his home from him in a very underhand way. The nursing home has just taken over by Veronica Powell and the grifters, having seen her in action, vow to taken her down.

22.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 4 - A Designers Paradise)

The team finally allow Billy into their inner realms just as a figure from his past resurfaces and threatens to blow Billy's cover if he doesn't give him £20,000. The crew look to con Clarissa Bartwell an immoral "fashionista" using the "Emperor's New Clothes" as their inspiration.

23.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 5 - Conning the Artists)

Danny and the crew successfully scam a greedy Japanese businessman, Mr. Yakubi, using a foreign currency scam. They then go against their own better judgment and decide to try the same ruse on a caviar importer. Their scam is interrupted however when Yakubi's son shows up at Eddie's bar and demands revenge, saying he has to retrieve his father's honor. The crew aren't impressed until he reveals that he is holding Eddie hostage.

24.  Hustle (Season 4, Episode 6 - Big Daddy Calling)

While on a holiday in Las Vegas, Albert is recognized by an old friend, the head of security at a major casino. Although satisfied that Albert isn't scamming the hotel the owner - Joey Maranzano, son of a famous mafia boss - decides to teach Albert a lesson anyway, taking a baseball bat to his hand. The team decide to get their revenge by stealing $5 million on display behind an aquarium in the hotel lobby. Even if they get away with the theft, Maranzano is ruthless and the real question is whether they can get away with their lives.

25.  Hustle (Season 5, Episode 1 - Return of the Prodigal)

Mickey returns from his sojourn in Australia to find that the old team is no more. Danny and Stacie are still in America working long cons, Ash has been reduced to grifting in bars and Eddie was forced to close the bar and is working as the head waiter in a restaurant. Even Albert is out of action finding himself in jail. He does have a mark for Mickey however, an attractive young woman Sarah Naismith who has made a fortune in real estate, usually taking advantage of people in less fortunate circumstances, and would likely fall for any scam that suggested inside ...

26.  Hustle (Season 5, Episode 2 - New Recruits)

With a new team ready for action, Mickey focuses on Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding, high tech entrepreneurs who have essentially robbed a small-business of a valuable patent. Ash is worried that their new mates are a little too inexperienced to undertake a complicated con but Mickey decides there's only one way to test their mettle. When they learn that their marks have recently fired their advertising company, causing a delay in the product launch, Mickey decides to set them up by posing as PR consultants and convincing them to sell their new security product as ...

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