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SERIES: The Great Show (2019 - Korean)

Watch: The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Great Show Episode 1)

The Plot: Wie Dae Han is an ex-lawmaker and is a materialistic kind of politician. He wants to get elected as lawmaker again. One day, 18-year-old girl Da Jung comes to him. She tells him that he is her real father. Her mother raised four children, including Da Jung, alone, but she died in a hit-and-run accident. Da Jung is the only one now taking care of her 3 younger siblings. Wie Dae Han accepts Da Jung and her 3 younger siblings. He carries out The Great Show to become a lawmaker again.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Political

Stars: Song Seung Heon

Director: Shin Yong Hwi


1.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Great Show Episode 1)

Assemblyman Wi Dae Han is close to winning in the general election. However, an unexpected scandal ruins everything, and he has to start from the bottom again. He plans to go back to the National Assembly while working as a designated driver. Meanwhile, Dae Han runs in to a girl who lost her little brother. 

2.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 2 - The Great Show Episode 2)

Dae Han gets an early Christmas present, a girl claiming to be his daughter along with three other children. His world can't get any more hectic. To prove her wrong, he does a paternity test with her. Meanwhile, unknowingly, Soo Hyun urges Dae Han to help the girl they ran into at the market together.

3.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 3 - The Great Show Episode 3)

Dae Han decides to take Da Jung and her siblings in to put on an act of a doting father. Meanwhile, Da Jung is suspicious of Dae Han’s sudden change of heart and makes a suggestion as a way of testing him. As he takes on the feat of taking care of four children, Dae Han is faced with several challenges. However, he figures he can make the most of this situation and gives Da Jung her first mission.

4.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 4 - The Great Show Episode 4)

Dae Han saves Tae Poong from a dangerous situation and quickly gains the public’s favor. He gets asked to be a guest on a radio show, but he gets an urgent call from Song Yi’s teacher. Dae Han faces a dilemma between staying at the radio station or running over to Song Yi’s school. Meanwhile, when Assemblyman Hwang is removed from the panel of the television show “Debate”, Dae Han recommends himself to Soo Hyun for the spot.

5.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 5 - The Great Show Episode 5)

Dae Han makes a successful debut on the television show “Debate” and gains a lot of support by speaking out about abortion. After watching Dae Han’s rise to fame, Han Soo calls Dae Han into City Hall to ask him to help out with an issue regarding low-income housing in his district. Amidst all of this, Da Jung’s boyfriend visits Dae Han’s house. Meanwhile, while hanging out with Joon Ho, Soo Hyun receives a tearful call from Da Jung.

6.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 6 - The Great Show Episode 6)

After leaving the hospital, Da Jung makes a shocking declaration about her pregnancy. Dae Han visits the CEO of Jung Woo’s agency to discuss the matter, but this puts Jung Woo in a difficult situation. Then, the news spreads that Da Jung is pregnant and the public sentiment towards Dae Han shifts quickly. Meanwhile, protests over building low-income apartments in Jungang-gu continue to get heated. 

7.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 7 - The Great Show Episode 7)

After Dae Han declares on TV that Da Jung will keep her baby, the people who oppose the low-income apartments that Dae Han is promoting take their revenge on Soo Hyun’s parents. Dae Han tries to help their chicken restaurant, but things get worse when Tak gets into trouble at school. Meanwhile, Da Jung decides not to drop out of school, and it causes problems with other kids at school.

8.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 8 - The Great Show Episode 8)

Da Jung’s younger siblings’ real father shows up at Dae Han’s house unannounced, leaving everyone feeling flustered. Meanwhile, Jae Yoon’s mom visits Soo Hyun’s parent’s restaurant and causes trouble. To get back at her, Dae Han meets with the manager of another mommy website based in Inju. Finally, Dae Han has a plan to help Tak during the school violence committee hearing. 

9.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 9 - The Great Show Episode 9)

Han Dong Nam threatens Dae Han, saying that he will talk to the press if Dae Han doesn’t give him some money. Bong Joo is vehemently against the idea, but Dae Han agonizes over which decision to make, even though he knows it’s not a good idea either. The next day, Song Yi suddenly becomes sick. Dae Han leaves her with Dong Nam and heads to the public hearing on the low-income apartments where something unexpected happens.

10.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 10 - The Great Show Episode 10)

Joon Ho moves to Dae Han’s neighborhood, and Dae Han is bothered by him getting closer to Soo Hyun. Mayor Han tells Dae Han about the market advisor position of Inju Market, and Dae Han and Joon Ho run for the advisor position. Meanwhile, Da Jung’s classmates continue to send bullying texts to her. 

11.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 11 - The Great Show Episode 11)

Dae Han finds himself in a tough spot of having to be a spy for the Mayor and Woods Utong for their shopping mall project. Feeling guilty that he is going behind the market merchants’ backs, he tries to get them the biggest compensation possible. Meanwhile, Joon Ho falls out of the merchants’ favors, but he finds a way to turn the tables.

12.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 12 - The Great Show Episode 12)

Kyung Hoon suggests to Dae Han that he sit out the general election, but Dae Han can’t accept that. Dae Han and Bong Joo tail Mayor Jung in an attempt to find a solution to the Woods Mall issue and make a shocking discovery. Then, out of the blue, Mr. Lee of Woods Utong comes to Dae Han with an interesting offer. 

13.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 13 - The Great Show Episode 13)

Dae Han comes in first in the polls among the potential candidates in the Progressive Party and eagerly awaits the official announcement. However, he receives a call from the police, saying that Tak is being held on an assault charge. Tak says that he didn’t do it, but Dae Han has a hard time believing him at first. Still, Dae Han begins to search for evidence to help Tak’s case. 

14.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 14 - The Great Show Episode 14)

Soo Hyun is furious that Dae Han signed a Father-Daughter Contract with Da Jung and it drives Dae Han and Soo Hyun apart. Meanwhile, the Progressive Party announces its nominees, but there is an unexpected twist to the nominations for Jungang-gu, Inju City. Dae Han finally decides to run in the election as an independent.

15.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 15 - The Great Show Episode 15)

Dae Han is shocked after finding out who Da Jung’s real father is. As the election campaign is officially underway, Tak, Song Yi, and Tae Poong move back to Chuncheon with their dad. Meanwhile, Dae Han’s successful campaign threatens Joon Ho and he ends up disappointing Soo Hyun. Joon Ho makes a big decision in hopes of winning the election.

16.  The Great Show (2019 - Korean) (Season 1, Episode 16 - The Great Show Episode 16)

Joon Ho tells Dae Han that he knows about Da Jung’s real father and suggests that Dae Han drop out of the election. Dae Han decides that he must do what is right for Da Jung and the kids and calls for a press conference. However, something unexpected happens during the press conference that shocks everyone.

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