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SERIES: Siren (Luganda Translated)

Watch: Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Mermaid Discovery)

The Plot: A mermaid-obsessed town is turned upside down when a mysterious girl appears and begins wreaking havoc.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Stars: Alex Roe, Eline Powell, Fola Evans-Akingbola

Director: Eric Wald, Dean White


1.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 1 - The Mermaid Discovery)

The coastal town of Bristol Cove, once known for being home to mermaids, is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious girl.

2.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 2 - The Lure)

Ben and the North Star crew uncover a device emitting a strange sound; Ryn finds shelter in the home of the local folklore expert.

3.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 3 - Interview with a Mermaid)

Dale and the local police's investigation points directly to Ryn; Xander and Calvin's search for Chris heats up.

4.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 4 - On the Road)

When the military facility goes on high alert, Chris manages to escape, but he's not the only one.

5.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 5 - Curse of the Starving Class)

Ben begins to investigate some suspicious overfishing; Decker ramps up his efforts to find his escaped mermaid and shows the true extent of his influence.

6.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 6 - Showdown)

When Ben and Maddie attend his mother's fundraising gala, where an unexpected guest shows up and offers to put an end to the overfishing.

7.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 7 - Dead in the Water)

Ryn is taken in for questioning; Ben and Xander return to the deep sea to search for answers, only to be met by an uninvited guest.

8.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 8 - Being Human)

Bristol Cove mourns a loss, causing Ryn to experience a new human emotion.

9.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 9 - Street Fight)

Donna and two members of her colony come ashore, and begin wrecking havoc throughout the town.

10.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 10 - All In)

Elaine's treatment from the military's medical trial comes with side effects to the mermaid cells; Helen and Rick learn more about the hybrid status.

11.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 11 - The Arrival)

A new threat wreaks havoc as more mermaids land on the shores; Ben tries to cope with the siren song's aftereffects.

12.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 12 - The Wolf at the Door)

Ben, Maddie, and Ryn try to keep the new mermaid pack hidden from the town's Mermaid Beauty Contest.

13.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 13 - Natural Order)

Ryn fights to maintain leadership of the pack; Helen discovers more about her family lineage.

14.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 14 - Oil & Water)

Ryn looks for new housing for the mermaids; Ben becomes Levi's mentor; Maddie continues to struggle with her mother's presence.

15.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 15 - Primal Instincts)

Maddie finds herself in a dangerous situation; Ben and Xander reconcile to get the mermaids back into the water.

16.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 16 - Distress Call)

Dale copes with the fallout from Maddie and Ryn's encounter with the man from Susan's past; Katrina tries to get the rest of the pack to join her side.

17.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 17 - Entrapment)

Tensions rises following a shocking discovery; The water tank starts to have an adverse effect on the mermaids; Ryn makes a deal with a complicated ally.

18.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 18 - Leverage)

Mermaids and humans join forces to stop the oil company, but their efforts have a devastating effect.

19.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 19 - No North Star)

Everyone deals with the fallout from the oil rig attack; Ryn returns to land to follow through on an agreement she made with the military.

20.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 20 - All In)

Elaine's treatment from the military's medical trial comes with side effects to the mermaid cells; Helen and Rick learn more about the hybrid status.

21.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 21 - Mixed Signals)

Maddie and Ben contend with how to help Ryn; When Maddie gets sirened, the group strive to uncover how the siren song really works.

22.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 23 - The Outpost)

Ryn must return to her colony for mermaid mating season; Ben and Helen hunt down the hybrids when they lure a mermaid to a remote location.

23.  Siren (Luganda Translated) (Season 2, Episode 25 - Sacrifice)

Ben and Xander deal with a shocking discovery about Chris and his connection to the military; Helen and Maddie reluctantly seek help from the hybrids as the threat of extinction looms.

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