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SERIES: American Dad!

Watch: American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot)

The Plot: The random escapades of Stan Smith, a conservative C.I.A. Agent dealing with family life, and keeping America safe, all in the most absurd way possible.

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes

Director: Mike Barker, Seth MacFarlane, Matt Weitzman


1.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot)

In order to help him get a girlfriend, Stan rigs the school election to make Steve class president. Things go awry when the powers of his new position go to his head.

2.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 2 - Threat Levels)

Stan steals Steve's lucrative idea to stage and videotape "bum fights," in which homeless men are forced to beat each other senseless.

3.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 3 - Stan Knows Best)

Hayley takes a job as a stripper after moving into her boyfriend's van and being financially cut off by Stan.

4.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 5 - Roger Codger)

Roger runs away after he and Stan have an argument. Once the CIA finds out, they organize a search team in order to find him and bring him in for questioning. So now Stan must either kill Roger or choose friendship over his career.

5.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 6 - Homeland Insecurity)

Stan panics after discovering that his new neighbors are Iranian-American; Steve finds himself at the mercy of the Scout Rangers.

6.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 7 - Deacon Stan, Jesus Man)

In an attempt to one up is neighbor, Stan runs for deacon of his church.

8.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 9 - A Smith in the Hand)

Stan becomes addicted to masturbation, and when he is caught by his son, he blames it on television and declares war on TV.

9.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 10 - All About Steve)

After disowning Steve for being a geek, Stan must rely on his son's knowledge of science fiction and fantasy to catch a cyber-terrorist.

10.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 11 - Con Heir)

A man claiming to be Stan's real father shows up at his father's funeral. Stan explains that the man to whom everyone knew to be his father was in reality a stranger he met at a bus stop on his wedding day. So now Stan's real father, a secret agent, wants Stan to accompany him on a top secret mission. Unbeknownst to Stan, his father has a hidden agenda.

11.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 12 - Stan of Arabia: Part 1)

A man claiming to be Stan's real father shows up at his father's funeral. Stan explains that the man to whom everyone knew to be his father was in reality a stranger he met at a bus stop on his wedding day. So now Stan's real father, a secret agent, wants Stan to accompany him on a top secret mission. Unbeknownst to Stan, his father has a hidden agenda.

12.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 13 - Stan of Arabia: Part 2)

Cultures continue to clash, and the entire Smith family is arrested by the Vice and Virtue Police and sentenced to death by stoning.

13.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 14 - Stannie Get Your Gun)

Stan's efforts to get Hayley to become a gun-lover backfire on him when she accidentally shoots him and turns him into a quadriplegic.

14.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 15 - Star Trek)

Roger is overjoyed to discover that Steve's new book is all about him - until he finds out that it paints him in an unflattering light.

15.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 16 - Not Particularly Desperate Housewife)

In order to gain entry in a women's social club known as the Ladybugs, Francine pretends she is cheating on Stan. After her fellow Ladybugs wish to meet her "boytoy", guilt stricken Francine confesses that she is not having an affair. Now she must either actually cheat on her husband or the Ladybugs will kill her in an attempt to keep their secrets safe.

16.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 17 - Rough Trade)

When Stan and Roger trade places, Roger gets a job as a car salesman, while Stan ends up in jail.

17.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 18 - Finances with Wolves)

After receiving a hefty bonus from work, Stan buys extravagant gadgets while Francine pleads for her dream kiosk

18.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 19 - It's Good to Be the Queen)

Because of a past incident at his own prom, where he was lured into a dance with the homecoming queen only to have a pile of pigs dropped on him, Stan wants revenge by showing off that he married a homecoming queen, Francine.

19.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 20 - Roger 'n' Me)

Stan and Roger become best friends in Atlantic City, taking their friendship to a whole new, unexpected level, when Roger absorbs all of Stan's memories. Meanwhile, Hayley and Steve conspire to break up a good-looking couple so that they can date the two.

20.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 21 - Helping Handis)

Stan devises a plan to make Steve more popular at school, but the plan backfires when the side effects make him a little too popular; Francine becomes a surgeon and aids a criminal organization.

21.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 22 - With Friends Like Steve's)

Steve's friend Barry turns evil after skipping his meds, and schemes to replace Steve in Stan's life.

22.  American Dad! (Season 1, Episode 23 - Tears of a Clooney)

Stan enlists his contacts at the CIA to help make Francine's birthday wish come true - to destroy George Clooney.

23.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 1 - Camp Refoogee)

Stan and Steve try to turn an African refugee camp into a fun summer camp, but get attacked by a group of rebels. Back at home, Roger and Francine pose as a college professor and his wife.

24.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 2 - The American Dad After School Special)

Stan becomes so obsessed with his own physical appearance after his son starts dating a "fat chick" that he becomes anorexic.

25.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 3 - Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option)

Stan becomes worried that he is losing his mind-control skills after a smooth-talking car salesman keeps outsmarting him.

26.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 4 - Lincoln Lover)

Stan doesn't realize until it's too late that he's befriended a group of gay Republican men.

27.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 5 - Dungeons and Wagons)

Stan becomes a street car racer to satisfy Francine's need for adventure and excitement, and Jeff becomes an online gamer with Steve and his friends after Hayley breaks up with him

28.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 6 - Iced, Iced Babies)

Francine wants to have another baby, but Stan doesn't want one. Ultimately, he gives in, but for some reason unknown to her, she can't seem to get pregnant.

29.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 7 - Of Ice and Men)

Francine discovers the horrible secret that Stan's been keeping from her every winter: he's a closet figure skater.

30.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 8 - Irregarding Steve)

When Roger helps Steve see that his father isn't as smart as he always believed, the power-hungry pair set their sights on fame and fortune in New York City.

31.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 9 - The Best Christmas Story Never)

Stan goes to the past to keep Jane Fonda from ruining Christmas, but he winds up creating an alternate future where the United States has been taken over by the Soviet Union.

32.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 10 - Bush Comes to Dinner)

When Stan enters an essay-writing contest to have his personal hero, President Bush, come over for dinner, he is overcome with joy when the President arrives at his doorstep.

33.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 11 - American Dream Factory)

Stan hires a family of Mexican illegal aliens to help launch his new teddy bear business, and Roger gets Steve kicked out of his own garage band.

34.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 12 - A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial)

Roger finds another neighborhood kid to be his best friend, but winds up getting in an abusive relationship. Meanwhile, Stan and Francine become obsessed with saving Mr. Pibb after they find out that it is being discontinued.

35.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 13 - Black Mystery Month)

While researching a paper about George Washington Carver in celebration of Black History Month, Steve uncovers a conspiracy that's been going on since the Civil War.

36.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 14 - An Apocalypse to Remember)

Stan lies to his family and tells them they're the only survivors of a nuclear attack, instead of admitting that he fell for a CIA drill and losing their trust. Roger sets up a phony wedding so that he can register for a new blender.

37.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 15 - Four Little Words)

CIA director Bullock accidentally kills one of Francine's friends while on a blind date. But Stan is forced to frame Francine for the crime so that he doesn't have to hear her say "I told you so."

38.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 16 - When a Stan Loves a Woman)

When Stan discovers that Francine has a secret sex garden, he feels like their marriage might be on shaky ground.

39.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 17 - I Can't Stan You)

When Stan discovers that everyone in the neighborhood hates him, he uses his CIA connections to have them evicted. Roger and Steve discover the perks of working together as scam artists.

40.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 18 - The Magnificent Steven)

When Stan is prosecuted for sending contaminated cattle to the slaughterhouse, he recounts his story of how the ordeal started out as a quest to make Steve ?a man?.

41.  American Dad! (Season 2, Episode 19 - Joint Custody)

When Roger finds out that Hayley's boyfriend, Jeff, is wanted in Florida for smuggling marijuana, he and Stan turn into bounty hunters and chase Jeff across the country.

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